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Chrichton's No1 Bioscope Organ

At The 1902 Showman's Fairground Exhibition at Alexandra Palace, London, Mr. James Crichton purchased an 89 Key Gavioli Organ built in Paris by Gavioli, for use in his Number 1 Bio-Scope Show which toured the North West of England entertaining the public at Fairgrounds and Shows for many years. With the passing away of Mr. Crichton, the Organ was put into storage at his yard in Birkenhead.

In 1946 the Organ was purchased by Silcock's for use on its fairs and used until 1963 when it was sold to Mr Chamberlain and then onto Arthur Mills and was shown at steam fairs.

The organ which is also known as The 'General Gordon' after the name of the conductor on the organ was bought again by Silcock's in 1980's  and takes pride of place in Herbert's collection.